Table of Contents

  1. COMPAS Orientation Services understands - and helps to solve the problems
  2. Pre-employment consultation
  3. Personalized welcome to the new neighbourhood and the region
  4. Assistance with governmental departments
  5. Introductions and adaptation into the chosen community
  6. Monthly follow-up, progress check and reports (3 months)
  7. Protect your investment...



We understand the problems of relocation...

To move people is a little like moving a tree. It can be done, but the shock of being up-rooted without the necessary care and attention often can be traumatic. The cost of transferring or recruiting personnel is very high, and unless employees (and their families) are happy in their new environment, there is a risk that the Company will lose its recruiting and relocation investment.

...and we can solve them!

COMPAS pays attention to the details, provides the nurturing and support that allows your "transplant" to thrive. We ease the difficult process of adjusting to a new city and a different culture, setting the stage for a smooth transition of the family into their new location. We minimize the frustration of finding one's way through the time-consuming maze of government departments, and we stay in touch (for three months) to make sure that the family has the answers to meet its needs. Thereby, employee retention is heightened and your Company's outlay is safeguarded.

As well...

COMPAS, a consulting firm, is available during the preliminary recruiting and interviewing processes for any relocation policy considerations.

COMPAS acts as an extension of the Company's welcoming program, saves precious hours and departmental time during the adaptation period.


Pre-employment consultation

An essential part of any orientation program is the briefing process between you (the corporation) and our COMPAS consultant. COMPAS will prepare a special program of orientation based upon your guidelines and the needs of the prospective newcomer and family. When you invite the candidate and spouse to the region for a pre-employment interview, consider the benefits of:
(i) a meeting with our COMPAS consultant, and
(ii) a guided "mini-orientation" tour of the region.

Your employee is primarily interested in the challenges of the new job and working environment. However, the family is interested in aspects of life such as housing, neighbourhoods, schools, transportation and recreation. The "mini-orientation" tour is designed to provide an overview of the elements of the family's future life. Our objective is to help them come away with a favourable impression and a positive view of the relocation.

In the event that the spouse may also wish to find employment, COMPAS can provide consultation and recommendations.

Preliminary meeting and optional mini-orientation tour benefit all parties:


Personalized welcome to the Montreal region

Prior to your employee's arrival, COMPAS Orientation will send an information package based upon their needs and interests. Typical details include:

Upon acceptance of employment offer
COMPAS will arrange a full Canadian Immigration Service which includes:

Upon arrival
COMPAS Orientation offers a full program which includes:


Assistance with governmental departments

Federal government, requirement and services

Canadian SIN (Social Insurance Number)
Family Allowance program (if eligible)

Quebec provincial government

Completion of immigration procedures
Registration for Quebec health care plan (Medicare)
Family allowance registration (if applicable)
Automobile registration and PST exemption
Drivers Permit and highway code regulations
Education - registration with appropriate school board, college or university

Municipal government

Local registration requirements for pets, bicycles, etc.
Introduction to town administration


Introductions and adaptation into the chosen community

Canada, Quebec and the Montreal region are made up of many varied cultural district and communities which reflect a modern mosaic of races, languages and religions. This area has always welcomed newcomers, and in turn has been enriched by the contributions of all, giving it a quality of life unsurpassed in North America.

COMPAS can help in the adaptation process by drawing on the personal experiences of its personnel who live in the area, and first came here as immigrants and are proud to be fully integrated Canadians.

COMPAS will advise on items such as:


Three monthly check-ups - and progress reports

COMPAS will stay in touch with the employee and the family to be of assistance on matters which may not initially be evident. We will report back to the employer as to how the family is settling in and to any concerns which may develop.

COMPAS will (as required):


COMPAS protects your investment and saves your company money

A variety of packages are established or COMPAS Orientation Services can be custom-designed to your needs.

Standard orientation package recommendations:

We consider exceptional needs and requirements to meet your budget.

We offer consultative pre-employment advice.

All incurred expenses are billed at cost.

Call us and let us show you how we can: